Our New Shelter

Raise the woof!

Big Dreams

The Humane Society of Northern Kentucky dreams of a time when every animal will find a warm, safe, and loving home. While this dream may not be within our immediate reach, we do envision a shelter where every animal is comfortable, clean, healthy, and just one step away from his or her loving home.

Since 2000, the staff and volunteers of the Pendleton County Animal Shelter have tirelessly pursued these dreams and worked to make our shelter as comfortable as possible while giving homeless animals, who would otherwise be forgotten, a second chance for a happy life. But with limited space and an inefficient building this has not been an easy task. For this reason, we are pursuing a dream to do more for the animals of Pendleton County. The Humane Society of Northern Kentucky’s Capital Campaign (Raise the Woof) for a new shelter will be a significant undertaking.

The welfare of the County’s homeless pets has been placed in our hands. It is our duty to nurture and be good stewards, using the best possible judgments for the animals.

The Humane Society of Northern Kentucky is undertaking a building project, focusing on the animals in our care and offering appropriate space, healthy ventilation, and an environment that will reduce stress and showcase adoptable pets to increase their chances for adoption. Ours will be a place where prospective families meet clean, happy, and HOPEFUL animals.

We are asking you to share our dream of building our facility so that we may continue to offer quality care to the unwanted, abandoned, neglected, and abused animals of our area.

New Shelter Plans

  • Indoor / outdoor dog kennels
  • Isolation area
  • Holding area for strays
  • Designated puppy kennels
  • Food preparation and storage area
  • Laundry room
  • Room for pets to meet prospective adopters
  • Veterinarian/medical office
  • Enclosed horse stalls
  • Outside play yard
  • 5 acres of walking trails.


It is our mission to give homeless pets a safe, clean, and comfortable environment until they are placed in loving homes.

The Humane Society of Northern Kentucky in cooperation with the Pendleton County Animal Shelter are dedicated to the reduction of homeless pets by promoting adoption, spay /neuter, education, and responsible pet ownership.

The new Shelter will engage the community through volunteer opportunities.


The Shelter in cooperation with The Humane Society of Northern Kentucky provides housing, food, spay/neuter services and medical treatment for lost and homeless pets. The Shelter is on call 24/7 and maintains emergency kennels to receive strays from the police during off duty hours.

Naming Opportunities

Room Gift
Community Room $150,000
Picnic Pavilion $50,000
Barn $50,000
Dog Wellness $25,000
Grooming $25,000
Food Prep $25,000
Isolation Area $25,000
Dog Exercise Area $15,000
Outdoor Play Yard $15,000
Horse Stalls
Dog Kennel $10,000 each
Bench $1,000 each
Tree $500 each
Brick $100 each

Wall of Fame

Quarterhorse/Gold Sponsor
(Large name plate)
Bloodhound/Silver Sponsor
(Medium name plate)
Beagle/Bronze Sponsor
(Small name plate)

View our new shelter brick promotional video below!