Dog Requirements

• All pet dogs under 25 lbs must arrive for surgery in a hard sided carrier. NO SOFT SIDED CARRIERS. Crates will be provided for Dogs over 25 lbs
• Drop off time for dogs is 11 AM
• Dogs must at least 12 weeks old and under age 7 years. Ages 7 years or older are at an increased risk of complications from anesthesia and not suitable for this clinic.
• No Female Dogs over 35 lbs,
• All pet dogs  will be given a rabies vaccination unless proof of current vaccine status accompanies the pet.
• No dogs who are pregnant or in heat due to increased risk of complications.
• Food must be withheld the night prior to surgery for the safety of the animal and use of anesthesia.
• Pendleton County Residents only

Please do not arrive early or late without previous arrangements as our volunteers follow a schedule in order to properly prepare for everyone and to give the care needed to our surgical clients.

Pick-up is the same day, later in the afternoon. We will call or text you with the pick-up time (usually between 2pm and 3:30pm for dogs)


Surgery Costs

  • Dog – Female $115 (35 pounds or less only)
  • Dog – Male up to 34 lbs: $103
  • Dog – Male 35 to 59 lbs: $113
  • Dog – Male 60 to 79 lbs: $133
  • 6% Kentucky sales tax will be added upon checkout

Additional Surgical Related fees if needed during a spay/neuter

• Umbilical hernia repair-$20
• Cryptorchid (male animal with undescended testicle)- $20
• Enucleation (eye removal)- $95
• Tail amputation- $95
• Dewclaw removal (unattached only)- $20 per dewclaw
• Teeth extractions- $10/tooth
• Pain meds- $12

Nonsurgical Fees when accompanied by a spay/neuter:
Flea meds:

VetKem (dogs)- $5, $10(20+ lb)
Bottle of VetKem- $22

HW test- $20
HW preventative-Heartworm Preventative -6 month supply – $140 to $160 for Simparica Trio for Heart Worms, fleas, ticks and internal parasites. Not an option for patients with history of seizures.

Microchips with lifetime registration-$35

DA2PP- $15
Bordetella- $15

Cephalexin- $12
Clindamycin- $12
Depomedrol- $12
Carprofen- $12
Praziquantal- $12

New Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Due to a high number of missed appointments, no-call and no-shows, we have put deposit and cancellation policies in place. Missed appointments are very costly for us and negatively impact the number of animals and families we can help each month. We now require the following deposit for all pet appointments scheduled beginning December 1, 2023 and after. Invoices will be sent out within 24 hours of registration. Deposits are due within 24 hours of the invoice being sent and can be paid securely by credit/debit card. Please watch for this email and check your SPAM or Junk folder if you have not received it within 24 hours after registering. If you do not pay your deposit at that time, we will release your surgical appointment.

The deposit will go toward the cost of your pet’s surgery and will be deducted from the balance due upon check-in. If you need to cancel your appointment, we require at least a 5 day notice in order for your deposit to be refunded. Deposits for missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 5 days notice are non-refundable.

Pet Cat Deposits – $25