• Limit of 3 Community cats per person/per clinic day.
• Cats must be a minimum for 2 pounds.
• Pendleton County Resident only
• Drop-off is between 7:15-8AM for pet and community cats.
• Pick-up is same day.  We will text or call you.
• All Community Cats will be Ear Tipped and given a rabies vaccination
• All Community cats (ferals/strays) will need to be in trap NOT A CARRIER. Traps are a requirement for the safety of our volunteers, the safety of the cat and to qualify for the use of the grant money for no costs to you.



If you do not have traps, we have traps you can borrow. The traps can be picked up on a prescheduled date and time prior to each clinic at the Pendleton County Extension Office, 45 David Pribble Dr, Falmouth in the parking lot. If you are unable to pick up traps on those dates and times, please call or text (859) 910-9259 or email Trap return instructions will be provided upon pickup of your community cat(s) from the clinic.

See link “Trapping Instructions” for details on when and how to properly trap Community Cats. All trapping should be complete prior to going to bed the night BEFORE the clinic, with cats safely covered and sheltered for the overnight. No trapping should occur overnight as this leaves the cats unprotected from predators and the elements. This also decreases the probability of trapping other animals (raccoons/opossums) and increases the probability of being able to trap the animals you signed up for.


Arrival & Pickup

Drop-off is between 7:15-8AM for pet and community cats. Please do not arrive early or late without previous arrangements as our volunteers follow a schedule in order to properly prepare for everyone and to give the care needed to our surgical clients.

Pick-up is the same day, later in the afternoon. We will call or text you with the pick-up time (usually between 1:30pm and 3:00pm for cats).


Surgery Prices for Community Cats

There is no cost to you to spay / neuter community cats.  The costs are covered by the Humane Society of NKY and Friends of the Shelter.  However, any donation you could make towards this would be appreciated and tax deductible!