About the HSNKY

The Humane Society of Northern Kentucky (HSN KY) was founded in 2010. Our founder, Janet Roessler Scanlon, had been volunteering with various animal focused groups for many years. Janet worked tirelessly on every possible way to increase animal adoptions before she realized the area was tremendously lacking in spay and neuter programs, education and accessibility. She developed a strong passion for this approach to reducing the homelessness of animals in her community by preventing unwanted reproduction. She contacted Ohio Alleycat Resource in Ohio to begin establishing transports from Kenton County and eventually in many other counties in Kentucky. The “Neuterville Express” would offer monthly transports of cats from Kentucky counties to be spayed and neutered and returned the next day. Later, U-Can, another Ohio organization, was contacted to also offer transports for low cost spay and neuter for dogs in the Northern Kentucky area.

In 2013 Janet was the recipient of the Outstanding Woman of the Year Award in Northern Kentucky for the impact her spay and neuter programs have had on the lives of animals in Kentucky.

More recently, Janet completed her certification through Southern Utah University and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in “”Running a Lifesaving Sanctuary.” This three-month course includes education on many related topics including adoption, foster and transport programs, spay/neuter, veterinary care assistance, long-term care for dogs and cats, community or stray cats, dog behavior training/enrichment and so much more.

Since our startup in 2010 the Humane Society of Northern Kentucky has continued to work towards reducing homelessness of animals in our community through education and spay/neuter programs. We have also worked within the community to increase awareness of necessary care for animals, advocating for humane treatment of those without a voice.

We now focus most of our efforts on the animals of Pendleton County, KY, within the community and within the animal shelter. We provide physical and financial assistance for the feeding of community cats, have volunteers who generously give of their time and efforts for Trapping/Neutering/Returning (TNR) community cats to reduce additional stray populations, offer transporting to veterinary appointments, coordinate spay/neuter for the animals in our county shelter via local veterinarians, offer financial assistance for homeless animals within our shelter who are in need of medical care to reduce their pain and suffering. We continue to work towards improved accessibility to a healthier, happier life for all the homeless animals of our county.


Janet receiving the Woman of the Year Award

Our Board

President– Janet Scanlon
Vice President– Belinda Perry
Secretary– Michele Hamilton
Treasurer– Jeff Gowen

“AII these efforts would not be possible without the help of so many passionate volunteers who have supported this cause through all these years.”

Janet Roessler Scanlon


For more information, or to make a donation, please contact the Humane Society of Northern Kentucky!

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Humane Society of Northern Kentucky, Inc.
PO Box 166, Falmouth, KY 41040
(859) 910-9259